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BOS Clean Mi (Medium) Negative Air Machine

The BOS Clean negative air machines are designed for the purpose of air quality improvement and air purification during construction and renovation projects in apartments, warehouses and compartmentation.

The machines have been determined by independent laboratory tests at VTT Technical Research Centre of EU, Finland. Combined with HEPA 13 filters the machines are suitable for asbestos work as defined in the newly issued Decree on the safety of asbestos work.

The BOS Clean negative air machines can be used for demanding asbestos removal work, mould projects and dust control of dry air.

It is lightweight with excellent mobility. This durable machine is suited to heavy-duty use and can be moved over obstacles.

Key characteristics

  • Easy to use with excellent mobility
  • Cost effective, high air volumes for it size
  • Approved for asbestos work
  • Ergonomic, lightweight aluminium construction
  • A choice of filter stage combinations: HEPA H13 or H14, EN 1822, Bag filter F7 or F8, EN779 / ISO16890,  Pre-filter cassette or pad G4, EN779
  • Safety locking device for HEPA filter
  • Lockable swivel front casters
  • Carrying handles on the sides
  • Hour meter for maintaining a machine card
  • Differential pressure gauge for monitoring filter condition
  • Easy-to- change pre-filter


Max. air flow without filter 3200 m³/h
Air flow with HEPA filter 1000 m³/h
Static pressure 630 Pa
Operating voltage / frequency 200 - 277 V 1~ 50 / 60 Hz
Motor / W / A 0,44 kW / 2,2 A
Fuse A 10 A
Power cord ( 3G 3*1,5 mm²) 2 m
Operating switch Yes
Speed control Yes
Sound/noise level < 70 dBA
Material Marine aluminium
Safety locking device for HEPA filter Yes
Intake/outlet Ø 254 / 300 mm
Outlet duct Lay-flat or flexible duct
Dimensions (height*width*length) 400*350*720 mm
Weight without filters 14 kg
IP- rating 54
Carrying handle(s) Yes
Wheels -
Indicator Yes
Pressure differential meter -
Hour meter -