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BOS Cleaner 750p

This machine is the professional’s choice for cleaning, disinfection and coating of large ducts. The machine is an excellent choice for circular and rectangular 315-1200mm ducts. The hose for chemicals and air facilitates efficient working in difficult conditions. While the brush is rotating, you can also apply a jet of pressurized air, thus making the cleaning process more effective. Using the liquid nozzle you can also disinfect or coat the duct surfaces. 

The Bos Cleaner 750p brushing machine has a very good reach – up to more than 65 metres in both directions from a maintenance door. Due to the roller bearing of the support axle, the flexible cleaning shaft is easy to feed and reel in. An air valve controls the speed and direction of rotation. The brush is pneumatically powered.



Basic brushes, M12, PP bristle
Brush with nylon centre, Pes bristle, Ø 0.50mm
Brush with nylon centre and disc, Pes/Nylon bristle, Ø 0.70mm
Brushes with nylon centre, Nylon bristle, 1.0mm
Brushes for special cleaning with nylon centre, Tynex/Nylon
Fat brushes M-12, Nylon Ø 2.5mm 



Brush adapter for nylon centre brushes
Air nozzle
Liquid nozzle
Oil sprayer for air motor
Low pressure sprayer 


Lockable swivel front wheels 
Cleaning shaft guide stainless steel (Aisi 304) 
Full rubber drum support wheels (with MS bearings) 



Power source Compressed air
Motor LFB3R
Required air supply, motor Optimum 400 l/min 6 bar (3,8 Nm (stall 6,5 Nm))
Required compressor capacity 400-600 l/ min, 6 bar max 8 bar
Required air supply 300-600 l/min
Brush rotation speed controllable
Noise 68,5 dB (A)
Brush coupling M 12
Material housing/drum Painted steel/Marine aluminium EN AW 5754
Dimensions (height*width*length) mm 1200*500*1060
Cleaning shaft length 40m
Wheels Ø 250 mm/ Ø 100 mm lockable swivel wheels
Max. brush size Ø 1200 mm